• Vid foten av Montmartre

    Vid foten av Montmartre

    by Britta Röstlund

    At 73 Boulevard des Batignolles, Mancebo tends to his little grocery. He lives with his wife Fatima ...

  • Som hundarna i Lafayette Park

    Som hundarna i Lafayette Park

    by Anneli Jordahl

    I thought of what Boris said when he was at the most enamored with me: ‘You are not common people, J ...

  • Tripprapporter


    by Tone Schunnesson

    “I am whole. I am a perfect machine. God has touched me and seen my misery and told me to live the w ...

  • Århundradets kärlekskrig

    Århundradets kärlekskrig

    by Ebba Witt-Brattström

    A marital break-down in the mendacious paradise of equality. Two voices: a woman and a man who have ...

  • Miira


    by Eija Hetekivi Olsson

    Sixteen year-old Miia has finally been able to leave the home language class and the unfree elementa ...

  • Bli som folk

    Bli som folk

    by Stina Stoor

    “The sun shines in all the squash glasses making all the squash sparkle. Rubies, red campion, rowan ...

  • Spådomen


    by Agneta Pleijel

    A prophecy received by a beloved aunt, a prophecy that the girl eagerly awaits to see fulfilled. In ...

  • Den åttonde dödssynden

    Den åttonde dödssynden


    Nora is a successful columnist, author and lecturer, the kind that instill in her readers and audien ...

  • Den första lögnen

    Den första lögnen

    by Sara Larsson

    It is the summer of 1997, in Visby on Gotland. 16-year-old Josefin wakes in great pain all over, she ...

  • Ta itu

    Ta itu

    by Kristina Sandberg

    Maria lives with her husband Anders and their two children in a two bedroom-flat in a mid-sized nort ...