• Jungfrustenen


    by Michael Mortimer

    In 1769, Carl Linneaus' disciple Daniel Solander makes a remarkable discovery during his voyage arou ...

  • Fossildrottningen


    by Michael Mortimer

    In November 1932, Nadezhda Alliluyeva takes her own life, broken by the unhappy marriage with Joseph ...

  • Fjällgraven


    by Michael Hjorth, Hans Rosenfeldt

    Two women are hiking in the mountains of Jämtland in the North of Sweden. It’s autumn and it’s raini ...

  • Kom ska vi tycka om varandra

    Kom ska vi tycka om varandra

    by Hans Koppel

    International critics raved about Koppel’s crime debut Kommer aldrig mer igen. Now he’s back with an ...

  • Listan


    by Robert Kviby

    In December 1997, Annie and Max have been on the run for eight years, hiding from the police an ...

  • Inte flera mord!

    Inte flera mord!

    by Maria Lang

    Newlyweds, Puck and Einar Bure , are planning to spend a restful holiday together with Puck’s father ...

  • Rosor, kyssar och döden

    Rosor, kyssar och döden

    by Maria Lang

    Christer Wijk has fallen in love. He has met the beautiful Gabriella Malmer, and Puck and Eje have b ...

  • Farligt att förtära

    Farligt att förtära

    by Maria Lang

    At a theatre performance in connection with a student party at the secondary school the heroine drop ...

  • En skugga blott

    En skugga blott

    by Maria Lang

    When Puck Bure comes home after a trip abroad, she finds a woman in her home – strangled and drowned ...

  • Mördaren ljuger inte ensam

    Mördaren ljuger inte ensam

    by Maria Lang

    On a remote island in a divine lake lies Rutger’s dream cabin, a paradise for stressed city people. ...