• Gurun i Pomonadalen

    Gurun i Pomonadalen

    by Mikael Bergstrand

    Finally, Yogi and Lakshmi have married! And after the grand South Indian wedding, and the start of a ...

  • Bli som folk

    Bli som folk

    by Stina Stoor

    “The sun shines in all the squash glasses making all the squash sparkle. Rubies, red campion, rowan ...

  • Spådomen


    by Agneta Pleijel

    A prophecy received by a beloved aunt, a prophecy that the girl eagerly awaits to see fulfilled. In ...

  • Den första lögnen

    Den första lögnen

    by Sara Larsson

    Visby, summer of 1997. Sixteen-year-old Josefin wakes up in a strange bed and it takes a while befor ...

  • På ditt samvete

    På ditt samvete

    by Jenny Åkervall

    A militant pro-life group in Stockholm is becoming more and more aggressive. Brutal harassments of m ...

  • Liv till varje pris

    Liv till varje pris

    by Kristina Sandberg

    It’s supposed to be a fancy place with a good kitchen, Järvsöbadens Hotel and Boarding House. Maj’s ...

  • Norrut åker man för att dö

    Norrut åker man för att dö

    by Ida Linde

    The story is set in Västerbotten in northern Sweden. Sara and Benjamin have just met and are now tra ...

  • Innan vi faller

    Innan vi faller

    by Håkan Bravinger

    Theirs is a completely ordinary family: Bengt, a psychiatrist, Mariette, a teacher and their sevente ...

  • Allt det där jag sa till dig var sant

    Allt det där jag sa till dig var sant

    by Amanda Svensson

    She arrives at the writer’s school, somewhere in the countryside in Skåne, with an ambition to learn ...

  • Klingsor och den sista pölsan

    Klingsor och den sista pölsan

    by Torgny Lindgren

    No matter how he twisted and turned the glass in front of him it was distorted and slanted. It leane ...