• Den enkla sanningen

    Den enkla sanningen

    by Mark Johnson

    Prime Minister Anders Ekholm is facing a tough election, and all the polls predict that he will lose ...

  • Mannen som sökte sin skugga

    Mannen som sökte sin skugga

    by David Lagercrantz

    Lisbeth Salander serves a shorter sentence at the women’s prison Flodberga and does whatever she can ...

  • Och blomstren dö

    Och blomstren dö

    by Rebecka Edgren Aldén

    Gloria accompanies her new boyfriend Adam for two-weeks’ vacation at his family’s grand summer ...

  • Sömngångare


    by Håkan Eriksson

    Anette Jansson, former UN police, now Detective Inspector at the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), is ...

  • Höstsol


    by Lars Wilderäng

    It is early September. In the Stockholm archipelago, a hunt is on for what looks like an American su ...

  • Stjärnklart


    by Lars Wilderäng

    Starlit is the first part of Lars Wilderäng's sci-fi dystophy Star Trilogy, where society as we know ...

  • Stjärndamm


    by Lars Wilderäng

    Stardust is the final part of Lars Wilderäng’s widely acclaimed Star Trilogy, where technological sh ...

  • Stjärnfall


    by Lars Wilderäng

    Starfall is the action-packed continuation of Starlit, where military techno meets alien invasion.In ...

  • Den första lögnen

    Den första lögnen

    by Sara Larsson

    It is the summer of 1997, in Visby on Gotland. 16-year-old Josefin wakes in great pain all over, she ...

  • Blodssystrarna


    by Michael Mortimer

    In 1697, the grand royal castle Tre Kronor in Stockholm burns to the ground, destroying most of the ...