Ingrid Carlberg

Ingrid Carlberg is a journalist and a writer. She was a journalist at the major Swedish daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter for 20 years, before becoming a free lance writer in 2010.

Awards and honors

Winner of the August Prize in non-fiction category in 2012 for "There is a room here and waiting for you ...". The story of Raoul Wallenberg.

The August jury’s statement:  Ingrid Carlsberg's biography of one of the most written about persons in the postwar years is captivating. Everyone knows that Raoul Wallenberg never returned to his home country. Yet Carlberg’s book is not only rich in facts, but enthralling, a real page-turner. With affection she tells also about the family's refusal to give up hope despite the passive stance towards the Soviet Union that marked the official Sweden.

In October 2009 Ingrid Carlberg was appointed the honorary doctorate in medicine at Uppsala University, as she "with scientific rigor and methodology derived from investigative journalism clarified various social actors' actions in connection with the introduction of one of the major medical breakthroughs, treatment of depression with SSRIs (antidepressants)."

Her book, The Pill - A Tale of Doctors and Depression, Freud and Researchers, People and Markets (Norstedts, 2008) was also nominated to the August prize in the Non-fiction category and was awarded no less than three prizes, among them Guldspaden, which is a yearly award to the best Swedish investigative journalist.

The Pill also received Swedish Association for Sciense Journalism’s price for good and investigative science journalism in 2008. The jury’s statement: The impressive research has revealed how the pharmaceutical industry - with questionable scientific support – is exploiting people's mental health.

In 2009 Ingrid received the Swedish Carnegie Institute's Journalism Prize.

The Pill was also nominated for the Wendela Prize in 2009.



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