Stig Dagerman

Stig Dagerman, 1923–1954, is one of the most prominent authors among the Swedish Fyrtitalisterna (writers of the 1940s).

He made his debut in 1945 with the novel Ormen/The Snake which was awarded the Svenska Dagbladet prize for literature. He is best known as a writer of prose, with De dömdas ö/Island of the Doomed, 1946, Bränt barn/Burnt Child, 1947 and Bröllopsbesvär/Wedding Worries, 1949, but he also wrote short stories (Nattens lekar/The Games of Night), published in 1947, drama (Den dödsdömde/The Man Condemned to Death), and newspaper articles, not least from postwar Germany, which he collected in the bookTysk höst/German Autumn in 1947.

In addition Stig Dagerman wrote almost a thousand daily satirical verses for the newspaper Arbetaren (The Worker), where he worked until his death. 

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