Per Olov Enquist

Per Olov Enquist was born in 1934 in a small village in Norrland, the northern part of Sweden. After studies at the university of Uppsala he got his MA in 1960. Since the early sixties Enquist has worked as literary and theatre critic for several newspapers and magazines. He is one of Sweden's leading contemporary writers, novelist and playwright. He has been a member of the Swedish Cultural Council, a member of the Board of the Swedish Radio between 1969 and 1973 and of the Board of the Swedish Writers' Association.

Enquist made his literary debut in 1961 with the novel Kristallögat/The Crystal Eye, and since then he has published many novels, an essay and short stories which have all brought him international fame and readers in 30 countries.

With Livläkarens besök/The Royal Physician's Visit, P O Enquist achieved an international breakthrough with the critics as well as with a large public. That novel, like the later one, Lewis resa/Lewi's Journey, was very successful with the public in Sweden too. Livläkarens besök was awarded the August Prize in 1999. The memoir novel Ett annat liv/Another Kind of Life was also awarded the August Prize 2008, making Enquist one of only two writers ever to have received the prestigious August Prize for fiction twice. Said Dagens Nyheter's critic: "In P.O. Enquist's autobiography, Ett annat liv, the novelist, the documentalist and the man Enquist meet together. The result is a cathedral for empathy." 

Enquist's children's book De tre grottornas berg/The Mountain of the Three Caves was awarded the German LUCHS prize for the best children's book of the year.

Enquist has also written screenplays for TV and film and several plays, including Tribadernas natt/The Night of the Tribades, a play about August Strindberg and his relation to the women around him. This play made Enquist into one of the most performed Scandinavian playwrights and has enjoyed about 200 productions around the world including a critical success on Broadway.

List of Publications 
Kristallögat/The Crystal Eye 1961 
Färdvägen/The Route 1963 
Magnetisörens femte vinter/The Magnetist's Fifth Winter 1964 
Sextiotalskritik 1966 
Hess 1966 
Legionärerna/The Legionaries 1968 
Sekonden/The Coach 1971 
Katedralen i München/The Munich Cathedral 1972 
Berättelser från de inställda upprorens tid 1974 
Tribadernas natt/The Night of the Tribades (play) 1975 
Chez Nous (together with Anders Ehnmark) 1976 
Musikanternas uttåg/The March of the Musicians 1978 
Mannen på trottoaren (together with Anders Ehnmark) 1979 
Till Fedra (play) 1980 
Från regnormarnas liv (play) 1981 
Doktor Mabuses testamente (together with Anders Ehnmark) 1982 
Strindberg. Ett liv/Strindberg. A Life 1984 
Nedstörtad ängel/Downfall 1985 
Två reportage om idrott 1986 
Protagoras sats (together with Anders Ehnmark) 1987 
I lodjurets timma (play) 1988 
Kapten Nemos bibliotek/Captain Nemo's Library 1991 
Kartritarna/The Drawers of Maps 1992 
Tre pjäser/Three Plays (Magisk Cirkel/The Magic Circle, Tupilak, Maria Stuart) 1995
Hamsun – en filmberättelse/Hamsun – story for film 1996 
Bildmakarna/The Picture-makers (a play) 1998 
Livläkarens besök/The Royal Physician's Visit 1999 
Lewis resa/Lewi's Journey 2001 
De tre grottornas berg/ The Mountain of the Three Caves (a childrens' book) 2003
Boken om Blanche och Marie /The Book about Blanche and Marie 2004
Ett annat liv / Another Life 2008
Den tredje grottans hemlighet / The Secret of the Third Cave (children's book) 2010
Strindberg. Ett liv. Tribadernas natt. Målet mot fröken Julie/Strindberg. A Life. The Night of the Tribades. The Case Against Miss Julie  2012
Liknelseboken/ Metaphor 2013
Dramatik I. Kammarspelen/ Drama 1. Chamber Plays 2017
Dramatik II. De politiska/ Drama 2. Political Plays 2017

1964 BLM Prize 
1966 Svenska Dagbladet Prize 
1969 The Nordic Council Literary Prize 
1976 The Aniara Prize 
1989 The National Book Award 
1991 The Dablovska Prize by The Swedish Academy 
1992 The ABF Prize 
1992 The Great Literary Prize of the Danish Publicist Society 
1992 The H.C. Andersen Prize 
1994 The Eyvind Johnson Prize 
1994 De Nios Prize 
1995 Ivar Lo Prize 
1997 The Selma Lagerlöf Prize 
1999 The August Prize 
1999 The Honorary Prize from the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation 
1999 The Swedish Booksellers' Award 
2001 The French Publishers' Award for Best Translated Novel 
2002 The Deutsche Bücherpreis 
2002 Premio Flaiano 
2002 Super Flaiano 
2002 Premio Mondello 
2003 The Independent Literary Award 
2003 Shortlisted for the Impac Dublin Literary Award 
2003 The Nelly Sachs Prize 
2003 The Luchs Prize (children's book prize)
2005 Der Corinne Preis 
2007 The Romeo and Julia Prize in Verona 
2007 Premio Napoli 
2008 The August Prize
2009 Österreichischen Staatspreis für Europäische Literatur
2010 The Nordic Prize by the Swedish Academy
2013 Budapest Grand Prize

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