Jonas Gardell

Jonas Gardell was born in 1963 and made his highly praised literary debut in 1985 with the novel Passionsspelet/The Passion Play, a novel about homosexual love. Since then he has published several books, plays and other texts. He is one of Scandinavia's most popular stand-up comedians and a highly appreciated playwright. Jonas Gardell has an unerring talent to puncture our everyday life and the emotions beneath. In his books he portrays all kinds of human beings, the humour is natural and obvious as is also pain and sorrow. In Jonas Gardell's writings there are no taboos, he moves with preciseness between the big and the small, between dreams and stern reality. Jonas Gardell's books have been translated into 13 languages.


Passionsspelet/The Passion Play 1985
Odjurets tid/The Era of The Monster 1986
Präriehundarna/The Prairie Dogs 1987
Vill gå hem/Want to Go Home 1988
Fru Björks öden och äventyr/The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Björk 1990
En komikers uppväxt/Growing Up a Comedian 1992
Mormor gråter och andra texter/Grandmother Cries and Other Texts (Selection of texts originally written for newspapers, tv, radio etc.) 1993
Frestelsernas berg/Mountain of the Temptations 1995
Så går en dag ifrån vårt liv och kommer aldrig åter/Another Day of our Life Has Passed, Never to Return again 1998
Oskuld/Innocence 2000
Ett ufo gör entré/A UFO Makes an Entry 2001
Om Gud/About God 2003
Jenny/Jenny 2006


Lena och Percy präriehund/Lena And Percy Prairie Dog 1989
Ömheten/The Tenderness 1989
En fulings bekännelser/Confessions of an Ugly Face 1989
Isbjörnarna/The Polar Bears 1990
Cheek to Cheek 1992
Pensionat Oskar/The Boarding House Oskar (filmscript) 1995 Människor i solen/People in the Sun 1997

Other media

TV-script: En komikers uppväxt 1992
Talk-show in Swedish TV 1992
Show at the Stockholm Concert Hall 1991/1992
Show "En finstämd kväll med Jonas Gardell" 1993 at the theatre Intiman
Opera Fru Björks öden och äventyr, Vadstena Academy 1994
Film-script: Pensionat Oskar 1995

Prix Futura, En komikers uppväxt, 1992
The Frödinge Scholarship, 1994
3 Guldbaggar for the film Pensionat Oskar, 1996
The Humanist Award in memory of Tage Danielsson, 1996
The Grand Swedish Speaker Award, 1998
Honorary Doctor of Divinity at Lund University, 2007 
TV-award Kristallen for the series De halvt dolda, 2009
Swede of the Year 2012
Gay of the Year, The Gay Gala 2013
Honorary Doctor of Medicine at Linköping University, Hälsouniversitetet, 2013
Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar: 1.Kärleken was named Best Adult Book of the Year, 2012 av Swedish Bookstore Assistants Association
Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar awarded best drama at the Series Mania festival in Paris
Läkerol Cultural Award "Voice of the year", 2013

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