Hans Koppel

Petter Lidbeck, born 1964, lives in Stockholm. Under the pseudonym ‘Hans Koppel’ he has previously published satirical novels about the Swedish middle class of today. Kommer aldrig mer igen/Never coming back, which was the first part in a thriller trilogy, has now sold more than 60 000 copies in the UK and 50 000 copies in Sweden. The second part in the trilogy, Kom ska vi tycka om varandra/You're Mine Now was published in October 2012.


Press voices Kommer aldrig mer igen / Never coming back:

‘crisp and simple yet devastatingly effective, this is an unrelenting, terrifying slab of a psychological thriller which ticks all the right boxes.’ Daily Mirror


“There are some fine stories out there and this is probably one of the best.” 
612 ABC Brisbane Radio


”a supremely professional piece of work with a palpable sense of tension, and couched in unvarnished prose” The Independent

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