Katarina Kieri

Can you point to something that has influenced you a lot?
Some very quiet kitchens during my childhood. Blurred villages in Tornedalen as the wipers panned out. When me and my father once went birdwatching and found a carelessly buried dog.

For whom are you writing?
For no one. For all. Mostly for myself.

Why do you write in so many genres and for different ages? Do you have trouble making up your mind?
It's because I need a lot of variety in life and in my work. Different genres involve different types of problems, challenges and joys. Various age divisions for books imposes restrictions that I feel good butting against. But, and this feels important to say, I'm the same author, whether I'm writing a beginner reader book or a collection of poems.

Will not people be confused by this sprawling unit?
Maybe there are those who will be, but it can be refreshing to get a little confused sometimes. I am also absolutely convinced that books find their way to their readers, and they are not always where you expect to find them. Sometimes I get letters from seventyyearolds who like my books for young adults. This makes me happy.

Why do you write?
Mostly because I'm morbidly interested in the complexity of being a human among humans. And because I'm good at it, better than I am any other thing.

How would you describe yourself as a writer?
A skeptical romantic who writes instead of going around being ashamed.

What would you like to work with if you were not a writer?
Something physical, manual labor. Like a park worker. Or working on an icebreaker boat.

Is there anything you would like to add?
That it's all right. That everything will be all right.

Katarina Kieri was awarded The Astrid Lindgren Prize 2012 for meritorious authorship in the area of children’s and young adult literature, with the justification:
”Katarina Kieri manages to write powerfully as well as meaningfully for all ages. Her young adult novels provide considerable tension, hiding between the lines and between relationships. She always manages to hold on to her secret and the reader is pulled along, deeper and deeper toward the climax. Through precise observations of seemingly insignificant details Kieri creates great drama, life changing events and psychologically sharp portraits. In her books for younger children she also uses her fine psychological understanding and dilemmas are presented strictly from a child’s perspective with subtle humor and great warmth.”

List of Publications

Ingen grekisk gud, precis/Not a Greek God, Exactly 2002
Födelsedagsmamman/The Birthday Mum 2003
Dansar Elias? Nej!/Does Elias Dance? No! 2004
Vem vågar sommaren?/Summer Courage 2006

Nominations and Awards

2002 Rabén & Sjögren Award for best first novel – Ingen grekisk gud, precis/
Not a Greek God, Exactly 
2004 August Literary Award for Dansar Elias? Nej!/ Does Elias Dance? No!
2004 Vi Magazine Literary Award
2004 Hans Peterson Award Foundation 
2004 Nominated for the Ibby Honour List
2012 The Astrid Lindgren Prize

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