Mats Kempe

Mats Kempe was born in 1966 and lives in Stockholm.He was for a period the Swedish Writers Association's International Secretary, and is now working as a librarian at the World Library in Stockholm.

In 1996 he made his much acclaimed debut with Jag minns aldrig mina drömmar/I Can Never Remember My Dreams, a collection of short stories. Vänd dig mot de älskade/Turn to Face the Lovers, published in 1998, was his first novel. Close relations have been the themes in Kempe's latest titles.

Mats Kempe was named the 2012 Louis Nordström Prize with the following words from the jury:

"Because he for nearly two decades of relentless consistency and in ever-new ways has tried the short story genre's possibilities, even to the extent of in the latest collection having stretched its borders to the impossible, to an attentive listening, seeking to let girls' voices be heard in and through the male author's, and parent's, text. "

List of Publications

 Jag minns aldrig mina drömmar/I Can Never Remember My Dreams 1996 
Vänd dig mot de älskande/Turn to Face the Lovers 1998 
Saknar dig sällan så mycket som nu/Rarely Missed You As Much As Now 2001 
I ett fönster nära solen/In a Window Close to the Sun 2004
Tiden angrips först, resten är oviss väntan/Time is attacked first, the Rest is Uncertain Pending 2008
Nattlampan tänd och dörren på glänt/Night Light on and the Door Ajar 2011


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