Jonathan Lindström

Jonathan Lindström, archeologist and science writer, has written a number of critically acclaimed books, which have been translated into several languages. He was named Educator of the year 2007, awarded the Carl von Linné plaque for the year's best non-fiction book All about the Universe 2006, and the Societas Archaeologica Upsaliensis Scientific price in 2011. In his books he has explained how the universe, the brain, and evolution works, and explored distant epochs such as the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, and solved murder mysteries.

"But sometimes I look at the world as the astonishing mystery that it is behind its mundane matter of course. And then I ask the questions - what is the soul, and how can the brain can create something as wonderful as the  sights, sounds and feelings we experience, and what happens after death? The seal ​​hunter and the small child had their answers, and I have been looking for theirs and my own, impregnated by the natural scientist's skeptical and at best humbling perspective. And I keep looking in the conviction that we all have something in common, whether we go to sleep in a hut by the shining sea, or in an apartment in a fizzy metropolis "

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