Sara Larsson

"My name is Sara Larsson. I’m 41 years old and grew up in a small community on the Swedish west coast. Since my parents were very engaged politically, my childhood was filled with recurrent discussions about Sweden, the world, the problems in the world and what one might be able to do about them. Eventually, my interest in gender issues began to dominate. My experience was that our prescribed gender-roles often limited us as human beings. While this was true for both men and women, it seemed perhaps a bit more likely that the women would end up at the bottom. Something that I especially noticed during my youth was the difference in how we view sexuality in women and men, how the same behaviour in a man and a woman could lead to widely different reactions and judgment from those around us.

Writing was always a part of my plan, so after high school I went on to study journalism. But the future of the trade was uncertain. I was even more uncertain and my courage failed me, so instead of trying a career as a writer I continued my education, this time with civil engineering followed by a few years of law studies. In connection with this I also moved to Stockholm and for several years, I worked as a consultant in the public sector, a job that was both fun and challenging and gave me good insight into the corridors of power. But the thought of writing was always there. "

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