Stefan Lövgren

Stefan Lövgren is an award-winning journalist, film-maker and author, with the world as his workplace. After receiving his master’s degree from Columbia University in New York he began his career with the Associate Press (AP) in Burundi during that country’s civil war, which started in 1993. He was later the Africa correspondent for US News & World Report for five years, and wrote more than 100 articles for the paper. He has covered terrorist attacks, civil wars in countries like Congo, Somalia, Algeria and Sierra Leone, as well as natural disasters, the Ebola virus outbreak and many other important events.

In 2012, he wrote the book, En bluffpilots bekännelse, the incredible story about a Swedish pilot who flew for a number of European airlines for thirteen years without a license. Twenty-four years after he moved to the United States, Stefan Lövgren recently returned to Sweden and now lives in Stockholm with his wife and his three children.

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