Torgny Lindgren

Torgny Lindgren, 1938–2017, was born in Raggsjö in northern Sweden. He made his debut as a poet in 1965 but his major breakthrough came with the novel The way of a serpent in 1982 which was filmed by Bo Widerberg in 1986. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by Linköping University in 1990 and in 1991 he was elected a member of the Swedish Adademy.

Torgny Lindgren was a leading name in Swedish literature for several decades and has been translated into more than 30 languages, making him one of the most successful Swedish writers internationally.

List of Publications 

Brännvinsfursten/The Aquavit Prince 1979 
Skrämmer dig minuten/Frightens You Minute 1981 
Ormens väg på hälleberget/The Way of a Serpent 1982 (filmed by Bo Widerberg 1986) 
Merabs skönhet/Merab's Beauty (short stories) 1983 
Bat Seba/Bathsheba 1984 Legender/Legends (short stories) 1986 
Ljuset/Light 1987
Kärleksguden Frö/Frö – God of Love (together with artist Peter Dahl) 1988 
Till sanningens lov/In Praise of Truth 1991 
Hummelhonung/Bumble Bee Honey 1995 
I Brokiga Blads vatten/Figures 1999 
Pölsan/Hash 2002 
Döden ett bekymmer/Death – a Worry (together with Eric Åkerlund) 2003
Berättelserna/The Stories (short stories) 2003
Dorés bibel/Doré's Bible 2005
Norrlands Akvavit/ Norrland's Akvavit 2007
Minnen/ Reminiscences 2010
Klingsor/Klingsor 2014

Awards – A Selection

1983 The National Book Award for Ormens väg på hälleberget 
1983 Novel Prize by Magazine Vi for Ormens väg på hälleberget 
1983 Literary Prize by newspaper Östersundsposten
        for Ormens väg på hälleberget 
1983 The Nordic Prize of Radio drama 
1984 The Aniara Prize for Merabs skönhet 
1984 The Esselte Literary Prize for Bat Seba 
1986 Prix Fémina Étranger for Bat Seba 
1995 The August Prize for Hummelhonung 
2001 The Gerard Bonnier Prize 
2003 Swedish Radio's Novel Prize for Pölsan 
2004 De Nios Literary Award
2009 The Fritiof Nilsson Piraten Prize

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