Michael Mortimer

Michael Mortimer is a pseudonym for critically acclaimed writers Daniel Sjölin and Jerker Virdborg.

Daniel Sjölin was born in 1977, he made his debut in 2002 with Oron bror,  followed in 2004 by Personliga pronomen. In 2007 he was nominated for the August Prize for Världens sista roman. Daniel received Borås Tidnings’ Debut Award in 2003 and The Bern Prize 2006. Daniel works as a literary critic and for many years he hosted the literary tv-show "Babel".

Jerker Virdborg was born in 1971 and debuted in 2001 with the short story collection Landhöjning två centimeter per natt. In 2002 his breakthrough novel Svart krabba was published. He has published four more novels under his own name: Försvinnarna (2005), Mannen på Trinisla (2007), Kall feber (2009) och Staden och lågorna (2012). Jerker got The Nöjesguiden Gothenburg Price 2001, The Vi Magazine’s Literature Prize in 2002 and Karin Boye's literary prize in 2010. Jerker is also active as a cultural journalist.

Watch Daniel and Jerker talk about their project.

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