Agneta Pleijel

Agneta Pleijel is born in Stockholm in 1940, but lived in Lund and the U.S. during her childhood. She has worked as a critic and cultural editor of various Swedish newspapers and magazines. Between 1987 and 1990 she was President of the Swedish PEN, and since 1988 she is a member of the academy "Samfundet De nio". Between 1992 and 1996 Agneta Pleijel was Professor at the Institute of Drama in Stockholm.

Agneta Pleijel's next novel project was a historical trilogy, a family story in which she was inspired by the members of her own family. The first part, Drottningens kirurg /The Queen's Surgeon, is the story of a doctor who was active during the second half of the 1700s. In the second part, Kungens komediant /The King's Comedian, we meet actor Lars Hjortsberg who made his stage debut as a 6 year old at King Gustav III's opera. The third and final part Syster och bror /Sister and Brother is about Lars Hjort's grandchildren, Albert and Helena. The trilogy relies on private documents, letters and oral family stories.

Apart from being one of Sweden’s foremost writers, she is also a playwright and a poet and participates in public debate, particularly in issues concerning children and refugees. Agneta Pleijel lives in Stockholm. To date, Agneta Pleijel's books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

List of Publications
Kollontaj (Play) 1979
Änglar, Dvärgar/Angels, Dwarfs (Poems) 1981
Berget på månens baksida/The Mountain on the Back of the Moon (Novel) 1984
Några sommarkvällar på jorden/Summer Nights (Play) 1984
Ögon ur en dröm/Eyes From a Dream (Poems) 1984
Undanflykten/The Escape (Filmscript for TV) 1986
Vindspejare/He Who Observeth the Wind (Novel) 1987
Hundstjärnan/Dog Star (Novel) 1989
Fungi – A Novel of Love (Novel) 1993
En vinter i Stockholm/A Winter in Stockholm (Novel) 1997
Lord Nevermore (Novel) 2000
Vid floden – Standard Selection/Beside the River – Standard Selection (Play) 2003
Mostrarna och andra dikter/The Aunts (Poems) 2004
Drottningens chirurg, roman/The Queen's Surgeon (Novel) 2006
Kungens komediant, roman/The King's Comedian (Novel) 2007
Syster och bror, roman/Sister and Brother (Novel) 2009
Litteratur för amatörer/Literature for Amateurs (Collection of Essays) 2012
Spådomen/A Fortune Fortold  (Novel) 2015
Doften av en man/The Scent of a Man 2017

Awards (selected)
1987 The Esselte Prize for Vindspejare
1987 The Great National Book Award for Vindspejare
1987 The Swedish Booksellers' Award "Your Book – Our Choice" Vindspejare
1997 The Gleerup Literary Prize
1999 The Övralid prize
2000 Shortlisted for the Nordic Literary Prize for Lord Nevermore
2001 The Selma Lagerlöf Prize
2001 Sveriges Radio Novel Prize (for Lord Nevermore)
2002 The Gustaf Fröding Scholarship
2006 The Signe Ekbladh-Eldh Prize
2012 The Kjellgren Prize
2012 The 2012 Scholarship from the Albert Bonnier Fund for Swedish writers
2015 Shortlisted for the August Prize for Best Fiction
2015 The Moa Martinson Scholarship ('The Moa Prize') from ABF (Workers' Educational Association)
2017 The Grand Prize by Samfundet De Nio/The Ninth Society

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