Kristina Sandberg

Kristina Sandberg was born in 1971 is a psychologist and author. She grew up in Sundsvall in the north of Sweden and lives in Stockholm. She made her literary debut in 1997 and is regarded one of the most important contemporary Swedish writers.

In 2008, Kristina Sandberg was awarded the Norrland Literature Society Prize, a prize annually given to an innovative and inspiring writer with a northern connection. The jury's statement cited the linguistic concentration that characterizes her writing: “her text burns like a welding flame”.

In 2010, Norstedts published the first instalment in Sandberg’s trilogy about housewife Maj, Att föda ett barn. It was followed in succession by equally acclaimed Sörja för de sina in 2012, and finally Liv till varje pris in 2014 – for which she was awarded the finest national literary award: The August Prize for Best Fiction 2014.

The Maj Trilogy has so far sold more than 400 000 copies in Sweden.

Awards and honours:
The Norrland Literature Society Prize 2008
Shortlisted for Swedish Radio Novel Prize 2011 (Att föda ett barn)
The Albert Bonnier Scholarship Fund for Swedish Writers 2012 (Sörja för de sina)
The Svenska Dagbladets Literary Prize 2014 (Liv till varje pris)
The Moa Martinson Scholarship 2014 (‘The Moa Prize’, for The Maj Trilogy)
The August Prize for Best Fiction 2014 (Liv till varje pris)
The Dobloug Prize by the Swedish Academy 2016

Motivation for the August Prize for Best Fiction 2014:
“Some life journeys remain invisible. The novel Liv till varje pris is the last instalment in a trilogy where each unit is its own whole. With her epos about housewife Maj, Kristina Sandberg shows that a whole odyssey can be contained within the walls of a flat in Örnsköldsvik. A fragile and wounded family life in the well-fare state is depicted with distance and empathy. Carefully the smell of cooking, the laundry fumes, the dangerous salty sea breeze is registered. We are standing next to Maj in the kitchen with the great questions of life and a what shall she make for dinner?”

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