Stina Stoor

Stina Stoor (born in 1982) has roots in no less than three of our Nordic minorities, the indigenous Sami, the Swedish speakers on the Finnish coast and the Meänkieli speakers as well as roots from northern settlers.

She lives with her Sami husband and two small children in her great-great-grandfather’s old house, tending to the inherited forest. Unlike most in her generation she has chosen to live and work in the sparsely populated area of northern Sweden.

Awarded the Umeå Short Story Prize in 2012
Awarded Swedish Radio’s Short Story Prize in 2013
Shortlisted for the August Prize for Best Fiction in 2015
De Nios Christmas Prize 2015
The Katapult Debut Prize 2016
The Borås Tidning’s Debut Prize 2016
Shortlisted for The Norrland Literature Society Prize for Book of the Year 2015

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