Carl-Henning Wijkmark

Carl-Henning Wijkmark was born in Stockholm in 1934. After university studies in Sweden and abroad he worked as a journalist and literary critic, as a translator and teacher at the University of Stockholm. Since 25 years he is a fulltime writer and has published novels, essays, as well as plays, which have received international acclaim. Carl-Henning Wijkmark is one of the natural Europeans in Swedish literature and in his works he often discusses issues like humanism and art, the role of the intellectuals, political and social issues.

Carl-Henning Wijkmark's works have been sold to Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and the U.S.

List of Publications 
Jägarna på Karinhall/The Hunters of Karinhall (novel) 1972 
På flykt undan mina landsmän/On Flight from My Compatriots (drama) 1976 
Rött och svart/Red and Black (essays) 1976 
Den moderna döden/Modern Death (novel) 1978, revised 1985 
Dressinen/The Trolley (novel) 1983 
Sista dagar/Last Days (novel) 1986 
Litteratur och människovärde/Literature and Human Values (essays) 1988 Sveaborg/Sveaborg (drama) 1990 
Omsvängningarnas år/Years of Upheaval (essays) 1991 
Dacapo/Dacapo (novel) 1994 
Du som ej finns/You Who Do Not Exist (novel) 1997 
Den svarta väggen/The Black Wall (novel) 2002 
Samtiden bakom oss/Contemporary Times Behind Us (essays) 2005

1985 The Dobloug Prize 
1986 Expressen's Sherlock Prize 
1994 The Swedish Academy Prize 
2000 The De Nios Award 
2003 The Övralid Prize
2007 The August Prize


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