Christina Wahldén

Christina Wahldén was born in 1965, and worked as a crime reporter at Svenska Dagbladet for twenty years, before becoming a full time writer. She has written both juvenile fiction and crime fiction. Her books are largely based on real cases and reports she has written for the paper and then re-worked. A much publicized series of gang rapes led to the book Kort kjol/Short Skirt, her first book. The police investigation of the murder of a young Kurdish woman got her thinking about an issue that became a novel Heder/Honour, her third book.

In 2010 Christina Wahldén got the Order of the Teaspoon's Book Award  for her YA novel At dawn, I Believe Mom will Wake me - a book about sixteen-year-old Ombeni who has escaped war torn Congo for Sweden, and has witnessed horrible violence. 2011 she was awarded the County of Uppsala Cultural Award for 2011 in the field of literature.

She studied dramaturgy in Australia for a year and sailed in the Whitsundays, in the same waters as Cook's ship Endeavour. While working on The One I Thought Would Make Me Happy, she visited Cooktown in northern Australia, where the ship and crew were stranded for nearly two months for repairs after being grounded on the Great Barrier Reef. Christina Wahldén lives in Uppsala where she often visits the Linné Gardens.

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