Omslagsbild: Under falkens vingar

Date of release: 2022-05-27
Pages: 378
Sold to: Denmark: Modtryk, Germany: Btb/Random House, Norway: Bonnier Norsk

Under falkens vingar /The Omniscient

Social worker Ramona and her husband Peter receive an unexpected visit from a police officer. They are asked to accompany him to a lake in their village, without him giving them a proper reason or explanation. But Ramona already knows. As they get into the car she can visualise the young woman lying dead in a boat. She doesn't know who she is. And neither does the police.

The local police are aided by an investigator from Stockholm who becomes friendly with Peter and who soon learns about Ramona's unique gift of sensing glimpses of a person's life, details they would rather have kept in the dark. Due to the lack of leads, he convinces Ramona to help the investigation. But to see who is responsible for the murder of the unidentified woman, she must reach deeper than she has ever done before. To simply know more than others is not enough. In order to understand whom they are dealing with she needs to know exactly what to look out for. 

The Omniscient is the first book about Ramona Lindh - a powerful and eerie suspense novel about the circumstances and actions that make a person a victim or a perpetrator. 

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This is Anton Marklund’s first crime novel and he expertly handles the suspense. Encompassing everything except Ramona’s gift, it is a realistic crime plot, but so staggeringly beautifully portrayed that it becomes something more essential: a contemplative observation of human helplessness.
Dagens Nyheter
Author Anton Marklund has with The Omniscient achieved a Västerbotten noir that may very well be considered one of the best Swedish crime novels this year. With an unusual female lead character and with profound metaphysical reflections on good and evil, guilt, punishment, God’s potential existence and what it actually means to administer justice, it really stands out at the same time as it carries many familiar traits of the genre – social pathos for those who have ended up on the shady side of life, male violence and sexual frustration, a strong unyielding woman, a poetic language that interacts with nature’s wildness and the desolation of the abandoned villages. The subdued, reflective narrator, and the beautiful nature imagery, create a striking contrast to the grotesque crime. The ending offers the reader no peace, but perhaps that’s the intention.

Anton Marklund was born and raised in a village outside of Skellefteå, but has lived in Umeå for the past twenty-five years. He made his literary debut with critically acclaimed novel Djurvänner (Mercy) in 2011, which was followed by novella Stora Björn in 2016. 

The Omniscient is Marklund's debut as a crime novelist and the first book about Ramona Lindh, the social worker with an intuitive gift. 

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