Omslagsbild: Grejen med saker

Date of release: 2019-02-15
Pages: 160

Grejen med saker /The Thing About Belongings

“We live in a bulimic culture. On one hand the totally commercial society that constantly makes sure that we feel rather miserable all the time with the only cure saying BUY! And on the other hand the recurring advice to get rid of things and live minimalistic as if the deeper meaning of being human is hidden in that action.”

In The Thing About Belongings Helena von Zweigbergk examines our relationship with our stuff From a very personal perspective, she asks what we seek in our belongings: if they are important to acquire and if they possess some spiritual value. Together with an artist and a photographer she turns her home inside out, reflecting on the stories and memories her belongings carry, but also the emotions they provoke, like shame and comfort. 
The images in the book resemble those from an archeological excavation revealing so much about the time we live in, our social needs and collecting impulses.

Helena von Zweigbergk (b. 1959) is an author, journalist and film critic. 
She started her literary career with the crime series about Ingrid Carlberg, a prison chaplain, and has since then written several bestselling novels revolving around contemporary family dramas.

In 2008 she made her literary breakthrough with the hugely successful and praised novel From the Mouth of the Volcano
Her 2013 novel,The Heart Echoes, has sold approximately 150 000 copies in Sweden and is also her first book translated into English. Amazon has bought the rights to all languages, except Swedish. 

Her most recent project is a work of non-fiction, The Thing About Belongings (2019), an investigation into our relationship with our stuff.  

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Cilla Ramnek is an artist and curator having exhibited in Stockholm, Paris, Tokyo and Moscow. She has also published several books. 

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