Omslagsbild: Skuggspelet

Date of release: 2019-05-29
Pages: 400
Sold to: Estonia: Rahva Raamat, Norway: Panta Forlag

Skuggspelet /The Shadow Players

A woman has gone missing under mysterious circumstances. Everything indicates that she has been kidnapped. A body washes ashore in the little fishing village Lerviken. It is in bad condition, with severe corrosive injuries and the victim cannot be identified. Someone is trying to cover their trails.

Civil investigator Harriet Vesterberg works ferociously to find the perpetrator. At the same time she is keeping a close eye on her forgetful father Eugen, and struggling with the frail relationship with the attorney Rikard Svärd, whose polished exterior hides a secret. Harriet’s boss, Margareta Bladh, initiates a collaboration with an ambitious local politician, who turns out to be a bigot. Soon, Harriet find herself in a desperate fight against the clock, facing the choice to break the rules or follow them, with devastating consequences as a result.

The Shadow Players is the second part of Anna Bågstam’s crime series set in the picturesque village Lerviken, with the funny, imperfect, civil investigator Harriet in the lead.

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Anna Bågstam, born 1977, works as a lawyer at the Swedish Parliament. She lives with her family in a suburb outside of Stockholm.
Bågstam made her sensational debut in 2017 with the audio serial Stockholm Psycho, which was later shortlisted for the Crimetime Specsavers Award for Best Crime Debut.

The Shadow Players is the second part in Bågstam's Lerviken series, featuring the highly likeable civil investigator Harriet Vesterberg.

More about the author

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