Omslagsbild: Ett litet korn av sanning

Date of release: 2020-05-06
Pages: 469
Sold to: Estonia: Helios, Germany: Btb/Random House, Netherlands: Luitingh Sijthoff, Poland: Wielka Litera, UK: Maclehose Press (World English Rights)

Ett litet korn av sanning /A Grain of Truth

A woman is found wandering the corridors at Nobel Hospital, accompanied by a little boy. She appears to be looking for an older man who was involved in a car accident earlier in the day. In one of the emergency rooms, Tekla Berg is fighting to save a seriously injured person from the same car accident. The ensuing chaos is nothing anyone could ever have predicted and the events puzzle both the hospital staff, the police and everyone else involved.

Hospital Director Monica Carlsson has really moved up a gear in her attempt to privatise Nobel Hospital with the launch of an exclusive patient hotel, a controversial liver transplant unit and the prestigious recruitment of star surgeon Klas Nyström. It soon becomes obvious that Klas is actively working against Tekla in every way. Meanwhile, Tekla has become obsessed with the mystery surrounding the woman and the little boy. The boy’s identity remains unknown and there are no traces to his past. What she eventually finds will be beyond belief.


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Christian Unge (b. 1972), works as chief physician at Karolinska University Hospital in southern Stockholm. He specialises in internal medicine and did his doctorate in HIV, under the guidance of Hans Rosling and AnnaMia Ekström. He runs a successful podcast about medicine together with two fellow doctors.

Unge's first book at Norstedts, If I Have a Bad Day Someone Might Die, a sincere and fascinating account of his years working as a doctor in Sweden and in Africa, was published in 2018.  

In 2019 he launched a new literary crime series, starring complex female surgeon Tekla Berg. Later the same year he also introduced a spin-off, Ambulance 906, an audio first series at Norstedts' Tiden imprint. 

More about the author

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