Omslagsbild: Dagarna, dagarna, dagarna

Date of release: 2020-09-23
Pages: 268
Sold to: Denmark: Gads Forlag, Finland: Johnny Kniga, Germany: Luchterhand
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Dagarna, dagarna, dagarna /Days and Days and Days

Bibbs is just about to turn thirty-nine. At the same time there are those who are turning twenty-six or nineteen. Even though Bibbs lacks talent, she has been famous for a while, but the good life is beginning to slip through her fingers. And there seems to be a neverending flow of unexpected expenditures. Like the rent. 

Her boyfriend Baby has always provided stability and when he unexpectedly dumps her, she becomes devastated. When he walks out, she is also faced with an ultimatum: if she wants to keep her flat she must pay 100.000 SEK within the next week. She no longer has access to that kind of money  - an amount that would have been easy to find ten years ago. Bibbs is forced to make extreme decisions, where the lies ultimately become the sole thing with any ounce of truth. 

Tone Schunnesson's new novel following Trip Reports (2016), is a study of success and destruction, dependence and betrayal, celebrity and anonymity. 


More about the author

Tone Schunnesson (b. 1988) is a former student of the esteemed Biskops Arnö Writing School. She is also a regular contributor to Aftonbladet's Arts & Culture pages.

Her debut novel Trip Reports (2016) was hailed by the critics as "delightfully rebellious", "hilarious" and "hard-boiled". It was also shortlisted for Borås Tidning's Debutant Prize, as well as being a big commercial success, earning Schunnesson a reputation as an author to watch. 

More about the author

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