Omslagsbild: Inställd resa till Sabarmati

Date of release: 2020-09-28
Pages: 250
Sold to: Netherlands: De Geus
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Inställd resa till Sabarmati /Cancelled Trip to Sabarmati

Lykke and Fatima only have each other in this world.

As a young teenager, Fatima, abandoned as an infant by the shore of the Sabarmati River and then rejected and deserted by her adoptive family, finally found an unconditional safe haven in her aunt Lykke’s home. But when Fatima turns eighteen, she disappears, and is not heard from again. She has secretly planned her exit: to start anew in another city under her birth name, Meera. Several years later she lives happily with her new family in Reykholt, Iceland, without giving her old life much thought.

Lykke, on the other hand, is forced to live with the uncertainty of what has become of the daughter that was never hers, constantly questioning where she failed Fatima. In the small town where she lives, she has become known as a bold, outspoken teacher who never shies away from biting back at bullies or racists. And one day, during a walk with her beloved dog Daisy, her good deeds catch up with her. She is assaulted by a group of masked men and ends up unconscious in hospital for weeks. 

After that, nothing is the same, despite the moral support she receives from her neighbour and side-kick Rosemarie. Fear and a sense of urgency has crept into her life. And then an old colleague brings her unexpected news – he claims to have found Fatima. 

More about the author

Majgull Axelsson is a journalist and author with several bestselling works behind her.

She started out writing documentary novels set in developing countries, most famously Rosario is Dead (1989), about child prostitution in the Phillipines. Her major literary breakthrough came with novel April Witch (1997) which was awarded the August Prize that same year. 

Majgull Axelsson’s books have been translated into 23 languages. 

More about the author

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