Omslagsbild: Drönarhjärta

Date of release: 2021-08-18
Pages: 393

Drönarhjärta /Drone Heart

2016. The identity of every Swedish Secret service agent has accidentally been revealed, and for the first time in decades the nation stands without eyes and ears on the ground. When an unexpected discovery is made on Gotland, Hanna Hjerta from the Special Forces Command is sent to the site to partake in the investigation. Intelligence services from across the world turn their attention towards Gotland, at the same time as the international situation becomes increasingly tense. The mission proves to be more excessive than Hjerta had anticipated, and she is drawn into a major political conflict with devasting consequences at risk. A plan with greater stakes is taking shape, but will it succeed before it is all too late?

Drone Heart is an action-packed spy thriller by Lars Wilderäng, the first in a new series setting off with an event uncomfortably close to reality.

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Lars Wilderäng (b. 1970) is a full-time author. His great interest in politics and societal issues shines through in his successful books ranging between the genres of sci-fic, speculative thrillers and military techno.

Wilderäng’s books have together sold more than 570 000 copies in Sweden.

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