Date of release: 2020-09-01
Sold to: Czech Republic: Grada, Denmark: Cicero, Slovakia: Grada

Halleholm: Lovisas val /Halleholm: Lovisa's Choice

Lovisa Lindegren was living her dream in London until she lost her job and her self-serving fiancé in the same week. Down on her uppers, Lovisa returns to her native Sweden and the idyllic little coastal town Halleholm, where she has inherited a 18th century building from her grandparents, including a bakery and café. Not only was this where Grandpa Johan baked and sold his famous cinnamon buns, the house was also home to Grandma Amelia’s dressmaker’s atelier where she once created magnificent couture for Stockholm high society.

But the will contains a catch. Should Lovisa decide to sell the property before she turns thirty, she must sell it back to the Halleholm branch of the family. And following a tragic incident decades earlier, Lovisa has also inherited the deep and bitter feud between the Lindegrens and the mighty Halleholms. 

With industrialist Reuben Halleholm doing everything to make Lovisa sell him the building, she must consider her limited options. Does she have what it takes to carry on the family tradition and open The Bakery anew?
And when Reuben’s younger brother Axel returns to town and stirs unexpected emotions, Lovisa faces an even more difficult choice: does she want to pursue happiness with Axel or remain loyal to her beloved Grandma Amelia? 

Halleholm: Lovisa’s Choice is a modern Romeo and Juliet saga; the tale of a feuding family set in a picturesque town in the Stockholm archipelago, from the 1920s until present day. It’s a tale of love, loyalty and luscious cinnamon buns.

Ruth Kvarnström-Jones (b. 1962) was born and raised in the UK, but has lived in Stockholm for the past thirty years. While working as a copywriter, Kvarnström-Jones was selected as one of fifteen students from around the world by Curtis Brown Creative for their renowned Novel Writing Course.

Halleholm: Lovisa’s Choice is Kvarnström-Jones’ debut novel, and the first instalment in a series set in the fictive coastal town, Halleholm.

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