Date of release: 2022-08-25
Pages: 423
Sold to: Denmark: Klim, Finland: Schildts & Söderströms, Italy: Frassinelli, Netherlands: De Geus, Norway: Press, Turkey: Profil Kitap, US: Two Lines Press (North American rights)


Ever since Mio died, Ruth has single-handedly raised their mutual son and created a life for the two of them. She has a house by the sea and is employed at the mysterious "agency", where her task is to help clients manipulate the public by using invented voices and personas. The boy, who is now ten, knows nothing about his father: not how he lived and not how he died. He is safe. 

One day Ruth learns that there is an unconscious teenage boy in hospital who carries a recording of Mio's voice. She lies to the hospital staff and gains access to his room where she finds the ancient CD-player in his backpack. The disc shimmers like gold. She recognises Mio's voice - Mio who is supposed to be dead. He says: "There are roofs here from where you can see all the way to the sea. Here in the library of nothing."

Johannes Anyuru's new novel, his first since the August Prize-winning They Will Drown in Their Mothers' Tears, is a polyphonic and meandering story of friendship and yearning, a love letter to fiction, invented lives and libraries. 


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Johannes Anyuru (born 1979) is a poet and novelist. He debuted in 2003 with the critically acclaimed collection of poems Only The Gods Are New. His 2017 novel, They Will Drown in Their Mothers' Tears, was awarded the August Prize for Best Fiction and has been sold to 17 territories. Anyuru's work has been likened to a mix between Nobel Laureate Thomas Tranströmer and a hip-hop MC.

Anyuru's fourth novel, Ixelles, was published in 2022. 

More about the author

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