Date of release: 2022-09-08
Pages: 336
Sold to: Finland: Johnny Kniga, France: Éditions L'Observatoire, Germany: Hoffmann & Campe, Netherlands: Oevers, Poland: Czarne, US: HarperVia (World English rights)

Björnjägarens döttrar /The Bear Hunter's Daughters

Tales were often told about the notorious Bear Hunter’s seven daughters. The opinions differed. Were they really living on their own out in the wilderness? It was said that they spent all their time hunting, bathing and wrestling, except when they got drunk on moonshine and porter. Like a bunch of rowdy boys, left to their own devices. Sometimes they were spotted at the market, where they sold bear skins and small figurines, and danced in skimpy clothes, intoxicated and excited, when sales exceeded expectations. 

A woman – the narrator – sees them at the market and decides to write down the wild history of the seven Leskinen sisters. Why did they never go to school? Why did they want to live isolated in the wasteland, so far away from the nearest town? It turns into a story about rage and sorrow, about loneliness and unity, about sibling rivalry and a heightened sense of life in the demanding existence deep in the wilderness. 

Anneli Jordahl has been inspired by Aleksis Kivi’s classic Finnish novel Seven Brothers (1870) but has set her story in the present and placed seven sisters in the foreground instead. The result is masterful; a wild and riveting tale, written in exquisitely crafted prose, which will leave no reader unaffected. 


More about the author

Anneli Jordahl (b. 1960) is an author and a literary critic. She has written several works of critically praised non-fiction and novels. Her latest work, the essay Snake with Two Heads, was awarded a prize from the Society of the Nine, as well as the Eva Bonnier scholarship.

The Bear Hunter’s Daughters is Jordahl’s fifth novel. 

More about the author

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