Jag tjänar inte

I Will Not Serve

by Jenny Åkervall

Psychiatrist Anna Sager is worn out with work and struggles with the everyday life. At home, her husband Jakob is increasingly frustrated with having to take care of the household and the kids in her absence. And at work, she fails to be as committed to her patients as she usually is, with severe consequences.

When Anna is contacted by the security police, offering her to do a profile on young girl who is stalking a minister of the government, it seems like a possible new beginning for her professional life. But Anna lets her emotions guide her and soon she is dragged into a political power play, where she herself risks becoming a victim.

At the Government Offices Anna gets to know Emre Oktan, an up-and-coming press secretary who is also fighting battles between his personal and professional life. On the one hand he has the headstrong Prime Minister and the receding poll ratings to deal with; on the other hand he has his background and high personal values, which sometimes clash with his political mission.

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