På ditt samvete

On Your Conscience

by Jenny Åkervall

A militant pro-life group in Stockholm is becoming more and more aggressive. Brutal harassment of midwives and gynaecologists disturbs the calmness of early summer. Meanwhile, a charismatic woman is elected the new leader of the Christian Democrats, successfully pursuing her social conservative politics and challenging the Prime Minister in his role.

Political journalist Emre Oktan is working on a feature on the Christian Democrat party leader, at the same time as the pro-life movement catches his attention. Is there an unknown connection between the two that can shed new light on their recent advances?

Anna Sager is chief psychiatrist of Helix, a newly founded complex for forensic psychiatry, equipped with all the state-of-the-art technology. She is consumed by her new job, excited by the challenge, but one case may prove too dangerous for her to handle. And soon Anna Sager and Emre Oktan cross paths again.

På ditt samvete is a suspenseful contemporary drama, delivering an exciting inside look on both forensic psychiatry and political journalism. Anna Sager and Emre Oktan, from Jenny Åkervall’s debut novel Jag tjänar inte/I Will Not Serve, meet again.

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