The Collector

by Robert Åsbacka

It is winter 1969. Twelve year-old Tom lives with his mother and older sister Karin in a small flat. He keeps his possessions and collections in boxes under the sofa in the living room where he sleeps, looking forward to the day his sister will finally move out. His best friend Mats moved a couple of months earlier, without him there is not much to do in this dull small town. Sometimes he goes out looking for things for his collection, but when he does he has to be careful so that The Brothers don’t find him and beat him up.

Outside his window Tom can see his neighbour Bo’s big fancy American cars parked in the backyard. Bo is also a collector; he is handsome, quiet and secretive. Tom knows that Bo writes strange letters to Karin, even though he has a girlfriend, Viola. Tom loves watching Viola and tries to be around her as much as he can.

Robert Åsbacka’s tone is unsentimental and precise, loaded with meaning and feeling. Through Tom’s recollections and matter-of-fact police protocols, Samlaren / The Collector tells the unnerving story of a young boy and the traumatic chain of events that came to affect his life.

Press voices for Robert Åsbacka’s previous work

”The most vivid, intense and provoking novel I’ve read in a long
time. Read! ” Huvudstadsbladet

 ”The Organ Builder is really an impressive novel creation that captivates its reader from the first moment.” Vasabladet

 ”A hopeful expression of the possibilities in the art of making a
novel.” Svenska Dagbladet

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