The Idealist

by Thomas Bodström

Carlos, a young politician with an immigrant background, starts a petition against racism together with a fellow colleague. They are both members of the parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, and Gerd is the chairperson. The petition attracts quite a lot of attention because it transgresses political party boundaries. When Carlos is brutally shot down outside his house, suspicion is immediately cast on rightwing extremist Carl Struwe and his racist supporters.

Susanne has advanced in her police career, and is now in charge of the county crime squad in Stockholm. She is the one assigned to lead the police investigation.
When yet another politician is murdered, the situation becomes critical.
Mattias and his wife are expecting their second child, and he has put his love affair with Susanne behind. But as a freak of fate Mattias is appointed to represent the injured party i.e. Carlos’ family. Thus Mattias and Susanne find themselves crossing paths once again.

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