The Populist

by Thomas Bodström

Disaster strikes as the Government Offices is under a hacker attack, the entire country is on the verge of a breakdown and it is up to Mattias Berglund to save the day.

Populisten is the fourth and final book in the series about attorney Mattias Berglund, County Bureau of Investigation officer Susanne Dahlgren and Minister for Justice Gerd Lundin.

Mattias is newly divorced and has moved in with Susanne, who has now made a career and works as Gerd Lundin’s vice-minister for justice. When defending a pastor who claims to have been wrongfully accused of wifebeating, Mattias begins, for the first time, to have doubts about his profession. Things are
further complicated when another one of his clients, a homeless drug addict, dies in a mysterious accident. Gerd has an uncomfortable feeling of being followed and Susanne learns what it’s like when journalists mercilessly pursue politicians.

When a government office becomes the target of a hacker attack, catastrophe is a fact. The entire country is on the verge of a breakdown.

With unique insight into Sweden’s power elite, Thomas Bodström gives us a sharp illustration of a populism that is spreading like poison in all quarters of media, politics and the judicial system.

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