The Escapee

by Thomas Bodström

Thomas Bodström's first crime novel is a suspenseful political thriller brimming over with intrigue. Rymmaren skilfully and entertainingly interweaves the people and settings with which Bodström is so familiar from his career as an attorney, politician and minister of justice.

When a brutal murder is committed at the Österåker correctional facility, Miro understands that his turn is next. The victim was his cousin Vlado, and now there are only two thoughts in his head: to escape and to exact revenge.

Police officers Christian and Susanne are assigned to investigate the murder. Susanne is new on the job and longs to prove that she is capable and cooperative. But when she realises that Christian will resort to just about anything to catch the offenders, she has more and more difficulty holding her tongue.

Douglas, Miro's attorney, is famous for defending mafia figures. He may be successful, but he can also be bribed. Now he's asked to do something that is on the borderline even for him: to help Miro escape. Mattias is a young attorney who works at the same firm as Douglas. He despises everything that Douglas stands for, and the situation grows tenser by the minute after he is brought into the case against the murder suspect.

The minister of justice and the director of the national prisons and probation administration also play central roles in this action-packed plot. Everybody has a lot to gain, but also a lot to lose. And who knows if justice will come out on top? Perhaps the story – written by an author who skilfully employs his unique experience from criminal trials, prisons and the Cabinet – isn't so different from what happens in the real world.

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