Bära bud

My Brother, My Enemy

by Håkan Bravinger

Two brothers are embroiled in a lifelong feud. One is a prominent psychoanalyst convinced of his own greatness, while the other has always lived in his shadow.

It’s 1913 and Andreas Bjerre is a forensic psycholo-gist who studies prisoners serving life sentences. His marriage to Amelie Posse having stranded, he battles incessantly with writer’s block and a variety of sexual obsessions. He has a complex, not to mention acrimonious, relationship with his older brother Poul, a member of Sigmund Freud’s inner circle.

Andreas’s downfall approaches slowly but surely, especially after Poul marries Gunhild, Amelie’s mother. But a woman appears on the scene who is determined to rescue Andreas, come hell or high water. She takes it upon herself to be the messenger of peace between the brothers. Only too late does she realise that she may be bringing about her own destruction as well.

Based partly on actual diaries and letters, Bära Bud is a fictionalised narrative of several life-changing encounters between two brothers who were prominent in their fields. One thoroughly believed in his own incompetence and the other was equally persuaded of his superhuman qualities.

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