Innan vi faller

Just Before We Fall

by Håkan Bravinger

Theirs is a completely ordinary family: Bengt, a psychiatrist, Mariette, a teacher and their seventeen-year-old son Erik. When Bengt travels to a conference in Cape Town he switches seats on the plane with an unknown man and they begin an unexpectedly intimate conversation. These trivial circumstances set off an unexpected chain of events in which the man starts taking over Bengt’s wife and son while he’s gone. What is the man’s motivation? Is the Sund family as harmonious as it seems on the surface? Who betrays whom?

Innan vi faller  is a dense, seething family drama about vanity, lost illusions, mid-life crises – and a longing for somebody to love. Perhaps there is a way back for a family who, after all these years together, has gotten lost. But the question is - is the unknown man a threatening intruder or a savior. 

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