Mördaren är död

The Murderer is Dead

by Stewe Claeson

Stewe Claeson’s new novel is a story full of twists and turns and surprises. All families have secrets, but the Chinese box belonging to late Johannes Halland reveals a secret so dark that it completely subverts all that his sons ever took for granted regarding their parents’ past.

The great patriarch Johannes Halland is dead. And now, for the first time in years, his sons gather to clear up what is left in their childhood home. Amidst all the memories and objects, Jens Halland, the third son of six, find the Chinese box they always were forbidden to touch. Out of curiousity he breaks it open and finds
a letter – a confession to a brutal murder comitted in the 1950s, written and signed by his father.
In an instant, the lives of the six brothers and their families are changed. In their search for the family’s history, the tension increases when they are confronted with their parents’ happiness and their failings. What happened in the family casts shadows upon their own lives and leads to new insights but also to frightening revelations.

Mördaren är död / The Murderer is Dead is a deeply melancholic but also humorous novel with a lot of warmth.

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