Världens sista kväll

The World's Last Night


Hidden on a train, Simos and his friend Aristidis make it to Sweden. It is the end of the 1970s, they are both children of Greek partisans who after the end of the civil war was given asylum in communist Hungary. Isolated, both from the Hungarian society as well as from all things beyond the border, they have been nurturing a dream about a life on the other side of the iron curtain. And now they have arrived.

But a place isn’t the same as a dream. In Sweden, Simos is greeted with cold politeness. Eventually he is able to make a decent life for himself in Lund, but his innermost desire – to become an author or movie director – will never come to pass.

Long after, his son tries to write him back to life. All Simos’ dreams and hopes of something greater for himself depicted through the longing of a humble voice.

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