Riktig kärlek

True Love

by Inger Edelfeldt

In twelve skilfully crafted short stories, Inger Edelfeldt describes our eternal struggle towards that much-desired union of soul and lust, and she does so without illusions, in a bold manner yet with a sympathetic tenderness.

Where do we find ourselves in our search for ‘True Love’ – in our zig-zag path between myths, stereotypes, the abyss of longing, tiredness, old wounds and fresh hopes? Is there a proper path that really does lead to real ‘True Love’?

These are twelve stories, about men and women who wonder, who dream, who long for something or have managed to disguise their longing – and about 
some of us who perhaps have come very close to the heart of that great riddle that causes us to seek out each others’ bodies and (hopefully) souls.

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