by Inger Edelfeldt

A collection of short stories by one of Sweden´s most remarkable prose writers. Cecilia, who has fantasies about ”Mr Strangelove”, but ends up under a bridge in a bleak suburb. Anna-Karin who works in a café where the ”Hatman” comes to leave his weird messages. Caty, who thinks that you can be totally transmogrified by having your first child. Marie-Claire whom no-one has ever met. Twelve-year old Michaela who thinks she has two people's lives on her conscience. They live in the present. As does the girl who follows her mother on her secret morning walks to try and see things meant to be hidden from her eyes, a girl living at the turn of the century. But what all these women and girls have in common is the fact that they live in the borderline between what we call dream and what we assume to be reality.

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