Svarta lådan

The Black Box

by Inger Edelfeldt

Rose-Marie is in her fifties, she is a qualified gestalt-therapist but she hasn’t felt able to work for several years. The great and true love she found late in life, Yannis, totally unexpectedly lost his life during a walking tour in the mountains, and since then Rose-Marie has been paralysed with sorrow, quite unable to face life and people again. But when she meets a 17-year-old girl, Ninja, then feelings of sympathy, recognition and curiosity are aroused in her. Their first tentative contact leads to an unexpected, and by no means uncomplicated, friendship (and this allows Rose-Marie to be bold enough to leave the room of mourning in which she has shut herself). Svarta lådan/The Black Box is a wise and moving book about relationships, between mothers and daughters, daughters and fathers, between men and women, between friends and between lovers.

Inger Edelfeldt has written a mature, thoughtful novel, which will further enlarge the already considerable reading public she found with her previous novel Det hemliga namnet/The Secret Name, which was shortlisted for Sweden’s most important literary award, the August Prize, in 1999. Inger Edelfeldt’s books have been translated into 17 languages.

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