Dramatik II. De politiska

Drama 2. Political Plays

by Per Olov Enquist

Per Olov Enquist has written some of his most important works for the stage, and he is constantly played in theatres both at home and abroad. In two large thematically edified volumes, his ever-current dramas are now collected, including several previously unpublished works. Like his novels, many of the chamber plays move in the borderlands between documentation and fiction, but there are also several political plays. The collection includes his debut as a playwright, The Night of the Tribades, one of the most performed and most translated Swedish plays, but also From the Lives of Rainworms, The Hour of the Lynx, and The Image Makers.

From Ett annat liv/The Wandering Pine
(translation by Deborah Bragan-Turner):

“All at once theatres across Europe seem struck by the same thought, to put on his play, written in almost manic haste. He does not understand. It is exhilarating and he finds it hard to keep up. /…/ But clearly he is a born dramatist. There is no escaping it, he says. Where did it come from? Impossible to ascertain. The fox farmer, his mother, the scribbler, or from himself? A mystery. The lines just slipped out.”

Political Plays
Till Fedra (1980) – Det Kongelige Teater, May 1980
Chez Nous (1976) with Anders Ehnmark.
Mannen på trottoaren (1979) with Anders Ehnmark.
Maria Stuart (1994)
Moskva, previously Systrarna/Tjechovs tre systrar (2000) – Betty Nansen Teatret, April 2000
Livläkarens besök: sångspelet (2009) – Det Kongelige Teater, March 2009

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