- En kärleksroman

The Parable Book

- A Love Story

by Per Olov Enquist

He is thinking that the eulogy he had held to his Mother in the Congregation House perhaps should be revised. By the river’s shore a flock of dying friends are standing, they are pleading to him to explain how everything is connected, for instance this matter with Love.

The Boy – not the one who had died, but the one with the same name who had lived and had become the Author. And the woman in the Larsson House; she, who had lain down with him on the knot-free pine floor. Should he write the truth?
And Father’s note book with the ripped-out pages, that had been burnt and was forever gone. And then suddenly is resurfacing after all these years, like a crack in history opening up before him.
Should all this really be told in the eulogy? And be transformed into the love story he never had thought he would be able to write?

Per Olov Enquist’s new novel continues, in some ways, the story in his praised memoir novel Ett annat liv. It is about the Mother and the Father, the Books and whether it is really possible in the end to sum up all that really mattered. From this a love story emerges, which takes its beginning in a meeting between the young 15-year-old and an older woman on a knot-free pine floor in the Larsson House.

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