Livläkarens besök

The Royal Physician’s Visit

by Per Olov Enquist

Livläkarens besök/The Royal Physician's Visit is set in Denmark in the 1760s. This rich and brilliantly narrated novel tells the story of the mad King Christian, his young Queen and the Royal Physician, the German Dr. Struensee, who gained the full confidence of the King and won the heart of the Queen. And who put into practice a number of ideas from the French Revolution, twenty years before their time. Struensee is one in a long row of intellectuals who were seduced by power when they once had been given a chance of grabbing it. The adventure came to a tragic end. The Danish nobility, so badly treated by Struensee, rebelled: they had Struensee imprisoned and saw to it that he was sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered.

P O Enquist, one of Sweden’s internationally best known authors, has written an epic novel, rich in images, which also deals with what he regards as the most central questions: how should intellectuals come to terms with power? What is the connection between power and sexuality?

With Livläkarens besök/The Royal Physician’s Visit, P O Enquist achieved an international breakthrough with the critics as well as with a large public.Livläkarens besök/The Royal Physician’s Visit was awarded the prestigious August Prize in 1999.

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