by Sven-Göran Eriksson, Stefan Lövgren

After twenty successful years in Sweden, Portugal and Italy, Svennis became England’s first foreign manager of the national football team in 2001, and in retrospect, one of the most qualified: he brought England to finals in three major championships. His 35-year coaching career has taken him all over the world. The list of great stars who have played for Svennis is long, from Roberto Mancini to David Beckham.  

Few in the world of football  has been analyzed as thoroughly as Sven-Göran Svennis Eriksson. Everybody has an opinion about Sven or Mister Football, as he is also called. How did a polite and discrete man from Värmland in Sweden manage to navigate his way to the top, in a world dominated by egomaniacs and money?

Sven-Göran Eriksson was born in 1948 in Sunne and grew up in Torsby. From the province of Värmland, he conquered the world with his unique coaching career, from Degerfors in 1977-1978 to today’s Dubai. In between, he coached some of the world’s most successful clubs in the toughest European leagues in Portugal, Italy and England. He has also been the manager for the national teams of England, Mexico and the Ivory Coast, as late as in the World Championship, 2010.

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