by Håkan Eriksson

Anette Jansson, former UN police, now Detective Inspector at the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), is investigating a case of radicalized youngsters in a southern Stockholm suburb. At the same time intelligence from Germany indicate increased activities of terrorist groups with connections to Sweden.

Mohammed el Mehti is on his way to Stockholm to build up a small cell of righteous soldiers, camouflaging it behind a legitimate import business.

And Jamal Abu al-Khair, a nice but rebellious young man, is trying to find his path in life and seeks knowledge and strength from religion. But are prayers enough when Muslims are persecuted and waged war upon by the Western world?

In his thriller debut, Håkan Eriksson investigates the motives and beliefs of the three main characters, who all in their own way try to do what they think is right in the world. It is an initiated and suspenseful depiction of how people driven by pure conviction work their schemes, and how the security police and the society fight acts of terror, trying to prevent the worst from happening and still, most of the time, finding themselves one step behind.

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