Boken om lagom

The Book of Lagom

by Göran Everdahl

Lagom, the Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little”, is spreading like a wildfire across the world right now.

is a kind of personal life thermostat. Lagom in the good sense is wit that doesn’t hurt, warmth that doesn’t dry up and coolness without high wind.

There is something reasonable in lagom, it’s sustainable in every sense of the word. But in this book you can find out what environment you especially enjoy and thrive in – to conquer your own Land of Lagom. It may not be perfect (perfection is anything but lagom!), but a life where you’ll find a kind of messy balance between work and home life, sorrow and joy, rest and activity is certainly not a bad thing.

In this authentic guide to the Swedish way of lagom, the prominent columnist and author Göran Everdahl digs deep into what the Swedish term lagom really means and how it manifests itself, both on an individual and a societal level.

It’s about being consciously lagom and making your own decisions on career, clothes, travels and food, to treat yourself to enjoyment and beauty without harming the environment. Other perspectives include linguistic, historic, cultural and aesthetic.

This book is an entertaining eye-opener, told with both wit and intelligence.

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