Idag ska vi inte dö

- Fångar i krigets Syrien

We are Not Dying Today

by Magnus Falkehed, Niclas Hammarström

A unique story by internationally acclaimed journalist and photographer from their 46 days in captivity in Syria.

Things turned into a nightmare that has not been put down in writing until now, with escape attempts, a gunshot injury and various forms of torture.

For 46 days reporter Magnus Falkehed and photographer Niclas Hammarström were held hostage in Syria. As the only foreign journalists, they headed into western Syria in the middle of a burning war. On their way out, after just under a week of reporting filled with drama and hardship, they were seized by armed men and kept prisoners right on the frontline.

In their daily struggle against hunger, cold and the mortal dangers of war, locked up in a dark basement and guarded by warriors, their friendship and their faith in life were sorely tried. They met with frightening, adventurous and sometimes absurd situations that have not been disclosed until now. Their families and children faced an abyss as dark as night: a world of horror, full of nightly talks, secret negotiations and threats of imminent death. In the midst of this hell, two women, Anna and Florence, would keep their families together and maintain a daily routine that no longer existed.

Idag ska vi inte dö is an honest book about doubt, love and hope, about people forced to reach into the depth of their heart for sustenance. It is also a tale of how these dramatic tidal waves change everything for those around them. A book about ordinary people who refuse to give up even when pulled down into an unbelievable shadow world.

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