En komikers uppväxt

Growing Up a Comedian

by Jonas Gardell

”In the beginning, man walked upon the moon”. Such is the first sentence in Jonas Gardell’s novel En komikers uppväxt which is about how a generation grew up in 1970s Swedish suburbia. At the centre stands 12-year-old Juha Lindström, the clown of his class. Being funny is the only thing he is good at.

Through Juha, we get to know his mum Ritva, dad Bengt, little sister Marianne and the dwarf rabbit ”Fart” – and of course his class mates: his best friend Jenny who has an ugly hair slide in her hair and whom Juha is ashamed of, Thomas who has a crazy German mum and is always being bullied, and the two spiteful boys Lennart and Stefan.

En komikers uppväxt is the funniest – yet at the same time most sorrowful – of childhood descriptions.

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