Ett UFO gör entré

A UFO Makes an Entry

by Jonas Gardell

Funny, sad, cruel, audacious – but perhaps above all 100% genuine. Jonas Gardell is back with a novel about teenage victories and failures, about love and rebellion.

With this book, Jonas Gardell returns to Juha and Jenny and the other children in Sävbyholm whom we got to know in En komikers uppväxt/Growing Up a Comedian, which was published in 1992 and which has become the classic description of the generation that grew up in the suburbs in the 1970s.

In Ett UFO gör entré/A UFO Makes an Entry, the 1970s are coming to an end. Nuclear power has become a major political issue in this year of John Travolta and punk and the Sex Pistols. Juha and Jenny are now 15 years old, and will soon be leaving secondary school.

This novel tells of their march into the 1980s and their teens, of their worries and their longing, of the oppression and the bullying, of sweaty randiness and lonely searching. It is about the courage to find out who you are, to get up and go.

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